Rockywood Studios

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Rockywood Studios is working to be an emerging privately owned independent motion picture and game studio.




After being abducted by an unknown alien specie, Heather awakens to find herself in a strange place.  Now she must find a way out and hopefully a way back home.  You control Heather by navigating your way through a series of rooms, tunnels and caves. Your goal is to get her through and back home, will you survive the horror?


Trapped Within

Coming soon to PC on Steam. 








Jack was supposed to be sent to the past to find the error of his people, but a big mistake happened, causing Jack to be sent very far into the future, finding himself in a post-apocalytpic world.  Everyone he knew is gone, his entire specie has gone extinct.  Now you must find a way back to your own time and warn your people before it is too late.



Coming soon to Android VR.